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Contests for the masses Empty Contests for the masses

Post by Albert Dumblewort on Tue May 08, 2018 2:25 pm

I've been having several ideas for contests. Many of these are ideas in progress. Among these are:

Potions Bottles ~ Judge: Prof. Snape + staff
Students can create a potion bottle for the potions classroom. Each bottle earns house points. Bottles will be judges on content, label and relevance to the HP or Hoggstowne world. Plus points if it's an actual component. Bottle size not to exceed that of a standard bottle. No liquids. All bottles must be labeled and include owner's name/house on the bottom.

Messenger Owl ~ Hosted by the Owlery ~ Judge: Laura Prather + Delivery owlets
Students can bring an owl (in a cage) for house points. Each cage must be tagged with owner's name/house/owl's name. 1 entry per student.  

Broom Contest ~ Hosted by the nook & Cranny ~ Judges: Lane Fox, Pat Varner, Kat Kenny, Prof. Dumblewort
Students make a broom. First 7 to be displayed in the N&C. 1 entry Per student. Judging to be based on detail, originality, function and design. Judging done between semi-final and finals at the Quittitch field. Brooms may be sold, pending pick-up after judging.

Portraits ~ Judges: staff
Earn massive house points by creating a framed portrait of a Hoggstowne personality either past or present. 1 entry per student. Portraits be be no smaller than 16x24. Can be oil, acrylic or printed.
Printed: 10 points. Hand-painted: 20 points

House Song
Have the houses compose an original song (non-filk). One to be played each evening before the evening banquet (starting with House Draconius). no judging or points, just glory.

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